Service policy
  • After-Sale Service Hotline:400-806-1116

    The 400 hotline of nationwide unified free repairing service provides year-round hotline service (except for national statutory holidays). When the equipment purchased by the customer fails or needs technical support, 400 service hotlines can be dialed. The company has professional technicians to guide and troubleshoot online. If there is no answer online, the customer service engineer will contact the customer to inform the solution within 4 hours.

  • On door-to-door service

    In case the engineer's telephone guidance can not solve the problem, the company will arrange engineers to provide on-site service within 48 hours of customer repair.

  • "Three Guarantees" and the Validity Period of Free Warranty

    According to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, the calculation method of the validity period of the "three packages" of commercial display products is as follows: the validity period of the "three packages" is calculated from the date when the delivery, installation and commissioning of goods agreed upon by sellers and consumers are completed, and for those without delivery, installation and commissioning, the validity period is calculated from the date of signing the purchase and sale contract. Calculate

  • About Paid Maintenance Service

    If the product exceeds the warranty period stipulated by the company, or does not belong to the product failure or damage caused by the condition described in the warranty service, the customer may choose the paid maintenance service. The specific charging standard is stipulated separately by the failure phenomenon and the door-to-door distance between Party A and Party B.。

  • On Exchange Service

    The customer inspects the appearance and performance of the machine within 3 days after receiving the product. If the appearance scratches, glass breakage, screen breakage, deformation and other defects occur, we will replace the machine as quickly as possible after providing the relevant certification materials specified in the contract annex "Notice of Goods Signing and Receiving", which is confirmed by our company as DOA on arrival. Machine.
    Within 15 days after the customer receives our products, if the equipment has quality problems (except glass breakage, screen breakage and deformation), our company arranges rapid maintenance. If the maintenance is not good within 3 days, we will replace the new machine. When changing goods, we need to send the bad products back to our company. After confirming the receipt of the bad equipment, we will arrange for the replacement of the new machine in time.
    In accordance with the exchange conditions, our company will exchange goods according to the normal process. If there are no different models of products, we will replace them with the same series of products not less than the original product performance.

  • Installation and commissioning policy

    For the users of conference tablet, our company does not provide free door-to-door installation and debugging services. If consumers require door-to-door debugging services, they will charge fees for door-to-door installation and debugging according to the prescribed standards. Special installation services for products purchased by consumers (such as glass, marble, porcelain, hollow wall, ceiling hoisting, hoisting and other special installation methods) need to be negotiated separately.